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To plan your trip to Malta with us


Malta is island state which is situated on the Mediterranean Sea. Before 1964 Malta was the British colony and only in 1974 was officially proclaimed as the Republic of Malta.

Malta is Catholic country, where more than three hundred Catholic cathedrals are located.The population of Malta is about 400 thousand people. The capital of Malta is a seaport Valletta.The most suitable time for rest is a time period since March till November. It`s perfect time if you want to spent time for sightseeing and excursions.In March the weather blossoms.


Hotels of Malta are usually comfortable, but you should know that the 5 star hotel may be not to corespond to reality.Chosing hotel we recommend you to consider existence of hotel beach and it`s very important to know all information about the hotel, therefore ask tour operate about it.

Every tourist who choice to Malta wants to visit as much as possible attractive places, to see all surprising sights of the country. After all local rest gives unique chance to get to the atmosphere of the real Middle Ages and enjoy an excellent pastime in the sunshine.

What can you see in Malta?

A Wanderfull cave Ghar Dalam is located in the south of Malta and attracts scientists and archeologists from all over the world. It`s wonder: remains of animal bones were discovered in good condition which died in the end of the last freezing period in simple words it was long ago.


In Ghar Dalam there are also traces of early stay of the person who was there nothing more or less than 7400 years ago.

You are going to visit France?! Use our useful advices!


Rest in France will be pleasant for every tourists!

Golden beaches waite you if you prefer to sunbathe, to swim or enjoy French wines and cuisine. Fans of active lifestyle spend winter holidays at skiing resort of French Alps.Go to Paris if you want to broaden your outlook in Frence history or to see great works of art.

The best time for travelling:


French prefer to have a rest in France, and do it in July and August. In the summer Paris and both coasts of France are overflowed by tourists, it is difficult to buy internal trains tickets (it`s better to book them in two months), it is difficult to rent a car, there are no free rooms in good hotels. But it`s the best time to travel in province there are less tourists and natives left their homes and go off on a journey therefore it`s great time to visit provincial sights.


It`s evident prices will be higher at places which are so popular among tourist. It`s no use

to bargain and it can be possible only at market place.

In holiday season prices raise on thirty percent in restaurants and hotels. End of season sale begin in the first of January and the last week of June, discounts can reach 70%.


At tourist offices of the French cities you can get reference book ,where special offers and discounts of local businessmen are painted and as a result you can save your money.

A budget choice is to have a luch in the French cafe and it will cost 10-15 euros, at restaurant 20-35 euros, in luxury restaurant is 50 euros. In bars and cafe prices are different.Service in fresh air is more expensive, than in location.

Useful information for tourists.


If you want to book the room, we remind you that it can be a little expensive, therefore try to get full information of a hotel, quantity of stars and exact location, where you want to stay and also about booking cancellation conditions.

Choose the hotel in comfortable place and by applicable price in this way you can save your money!


Morning isn`t perfect time for visiting well-known tourist places, because in this time many tourists begin to visit the Colosseum, Forum of Trajan, Baths of Caracalla, Palatine Hill, St.John Lateran and the rests, because of it there are a lot of people since morning till lunch. If you come there after a lunch, there will be less people and may be you can save time.

Don’t forget about a siesta!

In the summer as well as in many southern cities of Europe, in Rome it`s used to have a rest and take time off in lunchtime. It is Italian tradition. Siesta begins about at 13.00 and comes to an end around 16.00. So you should be ready that many museums, shops, public institutions and also cafe and restaurants can be closed in this period.


Italian cuisine is rather known and popular in the world. But if you want to try it in tourist places of Rome and in areas where are many hotels, the impression about Italian cuisine will be not so fine, because cunning and enterprising Romans in a pursuit of profit and they don`t carry about taste of dishes.Enjoy your times in Rome!Just visit it!


To have a rest in Jamaica!


Jamaica is a country of rainforests, falls, the rivers,sea and soft climate. From Indian Jamaica means “the earth of streams”.The island is located in West Indies in the Caribbean Sea. The country is popular with festivals and carnivals.

There is tropical climate in Jamaica, therefore the temperature is +25-26C all the year round, May and October are particular rainy seasons.

The Jamaican cuisine is one of the exotic moments of this country.Dishes are prepared generally from fruit, pork, fowl, seafood, vegetables and a set of seasonings. It`s also popular chicken grill which is cooked in peppery sauce. The most tasty and traditional drink is beer (Red Stripe, Real Rock Lager).

H-grand_lido_braco_4 -52650

You can spend funny time, because musical festivals are held annually in this country. It is possible to climb the Blue Mountains, which are the the most beautiful and highest in Jamaica, to go down in caves the Green Mountains. You can see the island Cuba from the highest point .

The quiet town Port Antonio is popular of the jungle where live he most beautiful birds and butterflies. Here are the set of falls which flow into the sea. And also there is a Blue lagoon where a well-known movie was shot. There is one of the oldest sugar plantations and distilleries of Appleton Estate. In this country rum is created. It is possible to visit this place and try it magnificent quality of drink. Near the coastline of the city Ocho-Rios, in a rainforest there is falls of Dunn River. It flows down with several streams from height of 183 m and forms lakes.DSCF0311

Why travel to Greece?


Really loved by people., because there are a lot of attractions and this country is home for great, antic things and also one of the center of christianity.

The location.
Greece is located in the South-East Europe, in the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula.The country has a unique geographical position. The territory of Greece is 131,9 000 square kilometers and borders with Macedonia, Albania, Turkey and Bulgaria. Coast of the country are washed by waters of the Ionian Sea in the West, Aegean Sea in the East, the Kritsky and Mediterranean seas – in the south, Cretan and Mediterranean Seas in the South.

The climate.

In the Greece prevails the Mediterranean climate pattern, but in the mountain areas prevails the Alpine climate. The weather is the same on the whole territory of Greece. The winter is temperate and summer is warm and sunny. Thanks to geographical position of Greece the sun shinning all summer and it`s very good weather for tourist`s rest.

Some useful information about Hotels:

Heraclion is one of the big cities of the country, where you can find the fine hotel is Aquis Arina Sand 4*. The territory of Hotel is very clean and green. The cuisine is varied and tasty. Rooms are equipped with new bathroom fixtures and where service includes changing of towels and cleaning of rooms.


To go in Athens, where you can see the local churches,Acropolis , the museum of Acropolis, National Garden , Mount Lycabettus , National Archaeological Museum , Syntagma Square, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Erechtheum ,Ancient Agora , Plaka , Parthenon.
Leisure time.

Fans of water entertainments can visit WaterLand water park. Its territory of 150 000 square kilometers. Go also to an water park of Water Fun which is near Athens. Here you are waited by various water attractions, hills, and also local restaurant and shop of souvenirs. Fine water parks are also on the island of Crete: Water City – the biggest water park on the island, Star Beach Water Park.

Enjoy your time in Hong Kong !


Hong Kong is the important financial center of Asia, this city is buzzing and modern city, which is unlike to the others typical Asian cities. Visit Hong Kong is very easy , you should only buy air-tickets and book the room in the hotel.

The location.

Hong Kong issituated on China`s south coast, there are nearby the famous region Macau and the Pearl River Delta. Hong Kong is bounded by the South China Sea on the east, south, and west, and borders the Guangdong city of Shenzhen to the north over the Shenzhen River. The country consists of Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories, and over 200 offshore islands, of which the largest is Lantau Island.


Hong Kong is great city for shopping , because this place is the third biggest diamond trading center, where you can buy golden and silver jewellery which are so popular among the tourists.

The currency.

National currency is dollar Hong Kong или HK$ . You can change currency as in banks so in exchange office. The rate of exchange is better in special exchange office. You can also use dollars and euros, and you can change this currency in HK$.

The Transport.

Public service vehicle is very developed in Hong Kong. The most comfortable and fastest way is subway. Thanks it you can reach all interesting tourists places . You can also meet trams and buses.
The attractions.

Tian Tan Buddha

You can reach the statue with many ways , but it will be better use the cable-way and you can enjoy an exciting view!The route of the cable-way starts from metro station Tung Chung and return ticket price is 135 HK$ .

Visit Latvia!

sraraya Riga

In the Latvia streets you can meet the police with the guns, in the clubs local oligarchs and

ministers, but the president of the country can go in the night club.

In this country there is a remarkable atmosphere of comfort where you can enjoy it only visit this beautiful country.

The location of the country.litva_3

Latvia is situated on east coast of the Baltic Sea , but in the north-east region of Europe. The country borders with Russia , Lithuania, Belorussia, Estonia. The west of the country is bounded by Gulf of Riga and the Baltic Sea.

The geographical location of the country is very profitable and is well-known as “the most seafaring country.There are a lot lakes and rivers in Latvia.The most deepest lake names “Dridzis” which is 65,1 the deep.

The climate.

In Latvia prevails temperate climate ,in the east – continental, near the coast – oceanic climate.
The hottest month is July, when the average daytime temperature of air in continental areas is +22 , +23 C on the sea coast +20 C. The temperature of air in the night is not lower than 10 C.The temperature of water in summer is + 23C.

In Latvia there is a set of great cathedrals and castles , which are so popular among tourists form different countries. The most interesting places : The Swedish gate, the church “St. Jacob “.

Visit Latvia! Spend funny time!

Wellcome to Cyprus


Wellcome to Cyprus!
Every tourist should know that the territory of Cyprus is actually separated between three countries. It is The Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus on the north, The Cyprus Republic on the south and the  buffer zone which is controlled by  the UN between them.
If you want to travel from the south of Cyprus to the north or back you should know some useful things. They will help you to avoid hardships.
If you have got a EU passport you will not have problem with local travel. You are allowed to rent a car or even buy it. However you should consult the insurance agency and take care about the correct insurance documents. Moreover there are some types of goods which can be confiscated by the customers when you will cross the border. For example The Republic of Cyprus set a limit of two cigarette packs per person. The infringer   will have to pay a fine.7
If you want to travel by car you can do it using your drive  license. The driving regulations а little differs from the regulations of GB. Like in Great Britain you should drive on the left.
If you are fond of  sports and sporting activities Cyprus is the best place for you. Here you may go diving, surfing or just swim in the sea.  Be careful!  Don’t forget about the weather forecast and remember that it is a bad idea to swim in unknown places.
By the way road cycling and mountain biking are very popular among the guests of Cyprus. Many people all over the world come to Cyprus and have a marvelous time riding a bike somewhere in the countryside of this marvelous island. It is common knowledge that Cyprus is an ideal place for cycling due to its climate. The period if time from October to April is considered to be the best time for cycling. The temperature varies between   15°C and 25°C however the rainfall is quite low. Summing up summer is a wonderful place for those who cant live without a bike.141536
Now a peace of information about crime against tourists. To tell the truth  this awful thing is quite rare. But you should scrupulously observe some important rules. Firstly try to use hotel safety deposit boxes and  room safes. Secondly don’t drink  in unknown company. Pay attention on alcohol degree – it can be higher that seems to be. And thirdly don’t give anybody your passport even if you are asked for it in exchange for the sport equipment.

Welcome to Berlin.


In Berlin you can meet everything and everyone.

This country reflects all history moments of the past,the present and the future times.
Berlin is international,luxurious and grandiose city which is well known for its historical moments as the German capital, vivid nightlife,its bars,cafe, clubs, street art.

Attractions of Berlin.

There is a great choice of museums, palaces, and other sites of historic interest.
You can enjoy various Berlin’s architecture, churches . You can get enjoy in every corner of the Berlin. In a city center you can see representatives of many different historic periods in a short time.

Beginning from a few surviving medieval buildings near Alexanderplatz, to the ultra modern glass and steel structures at Potsdamer Platz, The Berliner Dom, or Berlin Cathedral, is the largest and most important church in the city, the most The Berliner Dom, or Berlin Cathedral, is the largest and most important church in the city and one of the most famous and important monuments is The Brandenburg Gate Because these places reflects the important events of the history.This great country borders with many distinctive neighborhoods.

The greenest Germany`s city is Berlin.

Parks, woods, rivers and lakes take about 44% of the area. You will be pleasantly surprised with colourful,beautiful and liveliness views of the city.

Berlin is the best place for shopping, dining, and nightlife.

In Berlin you can fill your life with interesting and happy moments because in the city you can find an adult playground, where you can dance in the daylight, swim in canal boats and enjoy your time in city’s green areas. The Capital of Germany is considered as one of the top place for nightlife in Europe with a great choice of bars and clubs catering to visitors 24 hours a day.

The Ku’damm is the most famous area for shops in Berlin where you can find things with all the best international designer brands. The German cuisine is also famous for their pork dishes and you can also taste such a traditional German product as sausages.

That is all you can get in amazing city and it gives the reason to love Berlin!

To live out a dream! Visit Hawaii!!!


To live out a dream! Visit Hawaii!!!
Hawaii is the 50th state of the United States which is consisted of 132 islands. The most popular island of Hawaii is the eighth one. You will be pleasantly surprised with such a beautiful nature as : golden beaches, colorful valleys , waterfalls and high volcanoes.

1. You have an advantage to buy tickets beforehand, because many Hawaii air companies sell the tickets at discounts . Also we want to point out if you book hotel tickets the prices will be lower.l5
2. We advise you to reserve hotel rooms with package deals in this case the cost of reservation includes a tour around the islands, hotel reservations and car parking.

You can also save your money to reserve Condo units . Such type of accommodation is usually cheaper than hotels, which are provided with the kitchen and thanks it you save money on restaurants.

Resim3-1In Condo you can meet laundry room, pool, bars and tennis court and renting the car you also can save your money.

Low-cost tents, camper vans , trailers , A-frame shelters and cabins wait you.

Buy fresh produce and sample local offerings from farmer’s markets. Food prices are lower and the event allows visitors to meet local farmers while trying cultural dishes. In Kauai, weekly farmer’s markets are held at Kapaa New Town Ball Park parking lot by Bypass Road.